Ni Made Tashya Oktaniviasari

Junior Tax Consultant

Have participated in any cases :

  1. Individual Annual Tax Return

  2. Appeal Hearing (Ongoing)

  3. Inspection (In Progress)

  4. Annual Corporate Tax Return (Ongoing)

Overview of cases that have been handled :

  1. Personal Annual Tax Return: Recapitulate and input into eforms related to client data such as assets, debts, proof of deductions and income turnover. Then report the Annual Tax Return that has been prepared to the online DJP for each client.

  2. Appeal Hearing: Carrying out filings to fulfill trial requirements for legal representatives and appellants, such as legal power of attorney, attachments to power of attorney, integrity pact, and other files related to client data. Apart from that, following the proceedings of the appeal hearing as a note taker.

  3. Inspection: Equalize the data required for the inspection. Archiving and inputting inspection results. Make a letter requesting a reduction in tax sanctions.

  4. Annual Corporate Tax Return: Making equalizations regarding all taxes that arise from transactions carried out by the company.