We believe that the way we work is just as important as the services we provide.

Win Partner is a leading provider of comprehensive tax and business solutions. We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve success by navigating the complex world of taxation and maximizing their business potential.

Our History

WiN Partners is the consultant who, with all humbleness, will hear client and tax authority and explores any of the possibilities so that the circumstances can be viewed completely and then provide the best choice that can assist the client. WiN Partners believes that once the decision is taken, it will strengthen and evaluate decision the long term. WiN Partners manages all the issues and risks into energy that moves our members to learn the problems, seek the alternatives, exchange ideas enthusiastically and openly.

WiN Partners provides the most optimal economic benefits. WiN Partners believes that the growth in its own business is necessary, but what most important is the client’s satisfaction and client’s compliance of the taxation as required by the state. WiN Partners is the consultant who sincerely listen to client and tax authority, explores a wider perspective to solve client’s tax issue comprehensively. WiN Partners simplifies the issue and mitigates the risk to provide the best decision for the clients to achieve their short and long-term objectives in terms of taxation and financial matters.

Andum Subagya_

Founder. Leader. Key Partner.

Petrus Andum Subagya, SE, M.Si

He is a skilled mediator, negotiator and public speaker; abilities that serve to increase the client’s value of his analytical work. Andum heads up our Tax Consultancy Service, as well as our innovative work in the field of taxation. His excellent education and experience background has proven that he has an outstanding knowledge both Indonesia and International tax policy. Since 1997, he has entered a field of tax by being officer at Tax Office (Kantor Pelayanan Pajak/ KPP) Balikpapan, continued to be Tax Auditor from 2002 to 2012 in some of Tax Office in Surabaya and Jakarta.

Agus Priyatna

Founder. Leader. Key Partner.

Agus Priyatna, SE, MM

Graduated from STAN Jakarta and had a Master Degree in Management, Agus has over 22 years of experience in the field of taxation. After 15 years of having career in the Directorate General of Taxes, Agus pursued his professional career as a Tax Manager in RSM Indonesia, one of big accounting firm in Indonesia, then as a Tax Partner in Enforce Tax Advisory and Deputy Director in Center for Indonesia Taxation Analysis (CITA). Agus has served a varied range of taxpayers, from foreign investment companies to small or medium companies or individual taxpayers. In November 2017, Agus found his new life in WiN Partners. As one of the founder and a Tax Partner, he is now focusing on giving excellent services to the stakeholders through WiN Partners, especially in his experties area such as Tax Compliance, Tax Review, Tax Advisory, Tax Planning, Tax Audit, Tax Appeal and Tax Judicial Review.

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Empower, Elevate, Excel


  • The most effective and efficient in advising client regarding to tax and accounting matters.
  • Long term solution.


  • Offering optimum economical benefits to clients, country and partnership.
  • The most rational and ethical business practice.

Corporate Values

Shaping Our Corporate Culture


  • Result Oriented
  • Everyone Should be a Winner
  • Minimum Risk
  • Time and cost factor


  • Wider view and perspective
  • One problem creates many chances and solutions
  • Gain in every condition


  • Accountable
  • Sincere
  • Loyal
  • Commitment
  • Think, Talk and Do Positive


  • Consistently Open
  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Genuine


  • Winner DNA
  • Enthusiastic
  • Having fun on work
  • Stay Fool and Hungry on Learning


  • Describe the critical points
  • Use the usual practical language & procedures
  • Adapt to clients & authorities