Ferry Ardi

Senior Tax Consultant

Have participated in any cases :

  1. Monthly Tax Compliance PT Allpro Cita Indonesia

  2. Annual Tax Compliance PT Allpro Cita Indonesia

  3. Tax Review PT Allpro Cita Indonesia

  4. SP2DK Solo Indah Dinamika

  5. SP2DK Karya Wira Beton

  6. Assistance for the 2020 IWIP Examination

  7. Review and Annual Tax of Karya Wira Beton and Wira Bhakti Mulia 2021

  8. Review All Taxes of Gloria’s 2021 Financial Report

Overview of cases that have been handled :

  1. Monthly Tax Compliance (Preparing Sales VAT Invoices, Calculating Withholding Income Tax Articles 21, 23 and 4 paragraph 2, Preparing monthly SPT and reporting Income Tax Articles 21, 23, 4 paragraph 2, and VAT)

  2. Annual Tax Compliance (Assistance in preparing company financial reports and reporting the Agency’s Annual SPT)

  3. Tax Review (Evaluate and ensure company compliance with applicable tax requirements, as well as identify potential tax risks that may occur. By identifying these risks, companies can take steps to reduce risks and improve their tax compliance)

  4. SP2DK (Create a response letter to the SP2DK letter)

  5. Audit Assistance (Reviewing the completeness of documents to be submitted to the examiner, preparing reconciliations for testing, coordinating requests for information/data from the audit team, providing arguments and explanations related to the audit team’s findings, and will coordinate with the audit team during the audit to ensure that the tax regulations have been set correctly)