Elieta Vranciska

Senior Tax Consultant

Have participated in any cases :

  1. Examination Assistance

  2. Tax Review

  3. TPC Doc (On Going)

  4. Appeal Assistance (On Going)

Overview of cases that have been handled :

  1. Inspection Assistance (Minimizing the risk of corrections and findings from the inspection so that the inspection process runs smoothly)

  2. Tax Review (Evaluate and ensure company compliance with applicable tax requirements, as well as identify potential tax risks that may occur. By identifying these risks, companies can take steps to reduce risks and improve their tax compliance)

  3. TP Doc (Conducting an analysis of transactions carried out with related parties, including pricing and profits obtained. This analysis must be supported by sufficient data and complete documentation, including comparability analysis and the transfer pricing method used)

  4. Appeal Assistance (Assist the client in obtaining a fair and balanced decision from the tax authority after a conflict in reporting or paying taxes from the process of preparing the Appeal Letter to attending and representing the client at the trial