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Ahmad Fauzi

Senior Tax Consultant

Have participated in any cases :

  1. Individual Annual Tax Return Tax Audit (completed)

  2. Tax Compliance (ongoing)

  3. Tax Review (ongoing)

  4. SP2DK

  5. Annual Corporate Tax Return (on going)

Overview of cases that have been handled :

  1. Tax Audit of Individual Annual SPT: Individual Taxpayers who submit their WP OP SPT with overpaid status. There are indications that the Taxpayer made a mistake in filling in the WP OP SPT (Conducting a review, data processing and analysis of potential tax underpayments).

  2. Tax Compliance: Tax compliance with Periodic SPT (Carrying out grouping, calculation and reporting of Periodic SPT in accordance with tax laws and regulations. And providing tax advice to clients).

  3. Tax Review: Reviewing the accuracy of tax compliance with Periodic Tax Returns and Annual Corporate Tax Returns (data collection, tax advice, equalization and presentation of tax review reports).

  4. SP2DK: Individual taxpayers who receive SP2DK letters, with indications that OP taxpayers are still lacking in reporting and depositing PPh OP (carrying out data collection, identifying possible tax potentials and evaluating OP PPh SPTs that have been reported, and making SP2DK response letters).

  5. Annual Corporate SPT: Review and preparation of draft Annual Corporate SPT (Data collection, making fiscal corrections and calculating Corporate Income Tax).