Adista Cintya S

Senior Tax Consultant

Have participated in any cases :

  1. SP2DK assistance

  2. Tax Audit Assistance

  3. Preliminary Evidence Audit Assistance

  4. Tax Review

  5. Tax Appeals

  6. Tax Restitution Assistance

  7. Internal Audit SOP

  8. Tax Planning

  9. Mentoring

Overview of cases that have been handled :

  1. Assistance with SP2DK (Individuals and Companies regarding financial reports and Annual SPT)

  2. Tax Audit Assistance (Tax Audit for Individuals and Companies)

  3. Preliminary Evidence Audit Assistance (Company Preliminary Evidence Examination)

  4. Tax Review (Review of Financial Reports and SPT for Individuals and Companies)

  5. Tax Appeal (Tax Appeal Process at the Tax Court)

  6. Tax Restitution Assistance (Return of value added tax overpayment)

  7. Internal Audit SOP (Internal audit for company SOP purposes)

  8. Tax Planning (Strategic Tax Planning for Individuals and Companies)

  9. Assistance with the Objection Process (assistance in submitting and resolving objections for the company)